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Důl Bílého LabeTal Důl Bílého LabeDół Białej Łaby (Důl Bílého Labe)

Valley of Bílé Labe

Violent glacial valley. Its length is about 6,5 km. The valley is situated between crossroads U dívčí lávky and meadow Bílá louka under the slopes of mountain Malý Šišák, Stříbrný ridge and Kozí ridge. You can found a inconspicuous, but well-proved, frontal morain. In the end of 19th century the tourist way was built there and it was reconstruct in 1975. But this way was in 1997 badly damaged by flood.

Bílé Labe
Floor of the valley
Weber´s route

  Accommodation Cottages on the ridges
  Accommodation Špindlerův Mlýn
2 km
  Accommodation Horní Mísečky
4 km